100% AWARE

okt. 29/14
Souldivers Cabo Verde Diving
Cape Verde
68° 53' 8.4804" S, 39° 1' 24.3768" E

Souldivers are doing it again

Souldivers travel organisation will be at Sal Cabo Verde with approx 26 Divers

We will aundertake a AWARE action and clean up what is neccesary at the place we will dive

jun. 08/14
Main Beach, Cultus Lake, BC Chilliwack, BC
49° 4' 19.4412" N, 121° 58' 37.4628" W

Dive Against Debris for Fun, Education and the Environment.


For the third year in a row, the residents of Cultus Lake have invited Langley Diving to do an underwater clan-up prior to the annual Pkeminnow Derby.  The Pikeminnow is a fresh water invasive species which kills other fish in the lake including the rare Pigmy Grunt Sculpen.  The Pikeminnow,  the 'lion-fish' of the lake,  is culled out in an annual father and son fishing tournament.

Apr. 30/13

Word 100% AWARE partner en sluit je aan bij duikcentra en PADI professionals over de hele wereld die bescherming van de wereldzeeën onderdeel hebben gemaakt van hun bedrijfsvoering.