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PADI® Pros ReMember

Support Ocean Protection with Your PADI Member Renewal

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The diving community, especially PADI® Professional Members play a critical role in leading ocean protection.

“There are so many significant problems facing mankind, but as divers this is truly our cause. If scuba divers do not take an active role in preserving the aquatic realm, who will?” -  John Cronin, PADI Co-Founder

Project AWARE®, PADI’s environmental partner, is dedicated to providing PADI Pros with the tools and resources to take action, advancing the health of the ocean for future generations.

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When you choose the Project AWARE version of your PADI Membership card and donate with your PADI renewal today you are driving global ocean protection. 100% of your donation to Project AWARE supports ocean protection.

Your renewed commitment to ocean protection with your PADI Member Renewal continues to give the ocean a voice, help secure important policy advancements to keep shark and ray populations healthy and protect marine life from the onslaught of marine debris.  

Go to the PADI Pros’ Site to update your credit or debit card details and add your donation to support Project AWARE’s critical conservation work today!

Special Offer: Limited Edition Project AWARE Mask Strap

Donate to support ocean protection generously ($25/€15/£15 or more) and receive the new limited edition Project AWARE silky shark mask strap pad as a special thank you.

Image of 2017 Project AWARE Limited Edition mask strap

Tweet your support to inspire others to take action for ocean protection:

Image courtesy of Rodrigo Friscione

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From the My Ocean Community

My Ocean is a growing community of conservation leaders. Together, our actions add up to global impact for our ocean planet.