Old Navy Day on the Lake Glubokoe


Sure! All treasures that we

Sure! All treasures that we have found now belong to us!!!

4 years ago

Ole-ole-ole-ole!Today the

Today the day of airborne troops in Russia . We hope that nobody will come to demand the parachute back. ;- ))))
but we will not give up one.....

4 years ago

eaahh , it was a really funny

eaahh , it was a really funny and same time really extreme dives. now we could be named as Extremal divers - We throw in extremely high temperatures in Desnogorsk (+35) - at extremely low in the Glubokoe Lake (+4). so, it means we became as universal divers which make water basin clearance with different extreme conditions. :-) regardless whether it is too hot or too cold...

4 years ago