Dive Against Debris Event Organizer Kit

Jun. 12/13

Organizing a Dive Against Debris™ survey for a group of divers?

In addition to the must have Dive Against Debris™ Survey Kit, below you will find helpful tools to recruit, organize and recognize your volunteers as well as ideas for how to organize additional activities alongside your survey such as a family fun day, BBQ lunch or fundraiser.

Visit the Dive Against Debris™ Map and see your survey data visualized along with thousands of other surveys across the globe.

Download the resources from the Dive Against Debris™: Survey Kit

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Dive Against Debris™ Event Organizer Kit:

Whether you dive with a buddy or lead a group of volunteers, this kit includes the must have materials you’ll need to successfully complete a Dive Against Debris™ survey. Become familiar with critical data collection protocols and “dive right in”. Happy surveying and thank you for participating in a Dive Against Debris™!

How To Organize
How To Organize

Managing a group of volunteers or student divers? Read this primer to get organized, prepare your divers and dive in with your group.

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Lesson Guide
Survey Lesson Guides Presentation

Use this presentation to brief survey groups in the classroom to reinforce what they have learnt reading the Survey Guide.

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Volunteer Certificate
Volunteer Certificate

Recognize your Dive Against Debris™ Volunteer efforts - reward them with the Volunteer Certificate. Just add their name, the date - there's even space for you to add your name and logo if you like.

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AWARE Signage/Display Banner

Show your commitment to ocean protection. Download this artwork and print your very own Dive Against Debris™ display to show your divers how to take action on marine debris. Place in your classroom, dive store or make it part of your display at an upcoming dive show.

Dive Against Debris™ Banner (1m x 2m)

Sample Press Release
Sample Press Release

Make sure your Dive Against Debris™ is in the news by distributing a press release to local papers.

Event Poster

Personalize this poster and display in your dive shop.

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Liability Release
Liability Release

For volunteers to sign before the dive.

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Web banners
Web banners

Use badges and banners on your website to promote your dive shop’s support for a clean, healthy ocean.

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Did you know you can now certify divers with the Dive Against Debris™ Distinctive Specialty? Download the Instructor Guide and apply for the rating today.