Dive Against Debris Survey Kit

Aug. 30/12

Welcome to Dive Against Debris!

Whether you dive with a buddy or lead a group of volunteers, this kit includes the must have materials you’ll need to successfully complete a Dive Against Debris survey. Become familiar with critical data collection protocols and “dive right in”.

Visit the Dive Against Debris Map and see your survey data visualized along with thousands of other surveys across the globe.

Happy surveying and thank you for participating in a Dive Against Debris!


Dive Against Debris Survey Guide V2.0
Survey Guide

A must read for everyone participating in a Dive Against Debris. The guide contains important information on choosing a survey site, enjoying a safe survey dive, reporting data and sharing your actions.

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Dive Against Debris Data Card
Data Card

Use the data card before and after your dive to record information about your dive site, your survey and the trash items you found. It will make the online data submission the final but critical step in your Dive Against Debris - faster and easier.

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Dive Against Debris Marine Debris Identification Guide
Marine Debris Identification Guide

Not sure what you’re looking for underwater or wondering how to classify debris items you’ve found on the data card? This guide is a visual reference for divers reporting marine debris removed from underwater during Dive Against Debris surveys. It also contains tips to help you accurately record and report your Dive Against Debris data.

Dive Against Debris Surveyor Checklist
Surveyor Checklist

Use this checklist to remember everything you need for a successful Dive Against Debris survey.