Finathon Action Kit

Sep. 06/12

Thanks for choosing a swim challenge to support shark protection. Once you've set up your fundraising page at you can download these FINtastic resources to help organize your Finathon® Challenge. Good Luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered!

Finathon Factsheet
Finathon Factsheet

You can decide what type of Finathon event best suits your dive centre or resort. The options are endless but here’s some ideas to get you started.

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Finathon Poster
Finathon Event Poster

Promote your event in store and online!

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Sample Press Release

Share your Finathon Challenge with local press to seek support and sponsorship from local businesses and recruit fundraisers to swim for sharks.

Finathon Certificate of Appreciation
Finathon Volunteer Certificate

Thank your fundraisers, swimmers and supporters with a certificate of appreciation for their involvement in your Finathon.

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Finathon Sponsorship Form

Online fundraising is the best way to share your story and raise funds for the cause you're welcome to collect sponsorship offline too! Portuguese


Create team shirts with this graphic design

Fundraising Tips
Fundraising Tips

The more time you have to fundraise, the more money you’ll raise. Fundraisers who send more personal messages are guaranteed to raise more funds. And donate to yourself first! More tips available here!

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Event Banner
Event Banner Artwork

Download this artwork, add your logo and print your own web banner.


Template Emails for your Fundraising

Fundraisers who send personal messages are guaranteed to raise more funds.   Remember to share your story and why you're passionate about the cause.

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Thank You Graphic

Show gratitude to your supporters and give them a virtual high five with this thank you graphic on social media.

Facebook images

Use these images as your profile and cover photo on your Facebook profile to grab the attention of your friends and support your fundraising effort.


Share this video via social media to encourage donations and gain support.

Finathon Liability Release

All divers should read and sign the Liability Release prior to entering the water

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