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Resource Zone

You’ll find materials, training and action kits designed to support marine debris, sharks in peril and other conservation activities.

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Jun. 21/16

Share your support for shark and ray listing proposals at the upcoming CITES CoP17. Join Project AWARE and its global movement of scuba divers who are voicing their support – fins on and off.

Project AWARE will bring together the scuba diving community in a mass social media rally to help encourage CITES Member Parties to vote YES for sharks and rays. 

Sep. 06/12

Thank you for supporting ocean protection through the Finathon® fundraising challenge. Once you've created your fundraising page at, download these FINtastic resources to help organize your Finathon challenge. Good Luck! 

May. 21/15

We've taken the facts and the stats so you can follow the journey of rubbish from inland right out to our ocean. Check out The Ugly Journey of Our Trash and discover how our rubbish threatens marine life.

Available for the web, downloadable poster or video.

Feb. 03/14

How do you protect the ocean? It's time to Boost Your Eco with Project AWARE's 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean.

Grab your 10 Tips tools and start spreading the word today! Encourage your friends, family and divers to take the pledge.

Nov. 27/15

Thanks to your generous support, Project AWARE had a successful year in 2015 and is looking forward to 2016! Here’s what we accomplished together over the last year.

Check out the infographic below to see your support in 2015 in action or watch our Year In Review 2015 video.

Mar. 23/16

Thank you for joining our Adopt A Dive Site™ initiative, pledging to submit Dive Against Debris™ data for your adopted dive site every month and becoming one Project AWARE's most dedicated dive leaders.

Here are some digital tools to help you get started:


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Nov. 09/15
Sharks in Peril

Conservation opportunities for ICCAT 2015: Sharks are among the most vulnerable animals taken in high seas fisheries for tuna and swordfish. ICCAT has led regional fisheries bodies in adoption of shark measures, but has yet to align its finning ban with best practice or agree basic, science-based limits for key shark species.

Jun. 30/15

Manta and Devil Rays (Mobulids) of the Eastern Tropical Pacific - Fact sheet for the 89th Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC).