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You’ll find materials, training and action kits designed to support marine debris, sharks in peril and other conservation activities.

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Mar. 19/13
Sharks in Peril

Overfishing, bycatch and finning. You understand the tough problems facing shark populations worldwide and that divers can take significant steps to secure a brighter future for sharks. Mobilise your troops into action by teaching the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty or using the resources available in schools, community groups etc.

Jul. 17/14

Unsightly, dangerous and destructive. You understand the devastating impact trash has on our ocean and you know the role scuba divers play to prevent, remove and report debris found underwater. Mobilize your troops into action by teaching the Dive Against Debris™ Distinctive Specialty.

Feb. 09/12

Join dive professionals around the world putting ocean protection at the heart of their business and help fund critical ocean protection actions too. With more than 340 partners around the world, it's time for you to lead the way, get on board and be 100% AWARE. Review this agreement to start enjoying the benefits of the 100% AWARE Partnership today!

Jan. 02/12

Show your support by encouraging your student divers to make a donation to Project AWARE whenever they take a PADI diving course.

Display this poster in your facility and have your divers choose the limited edition Project AWARE version of the PADI Certification Card. 100 percent of their donation will go towards protecting our ocean planet.

Jun. 12/13

Organizing a Dive Against Debris™ survey for a group of divers?

In addition to the must have Dive Against Debris™ Survey Kit, below you will find helpful tools to recruit, organize and recognize your volunteers as well as ideas for how to organize additional activities alongside your survey such as a family fun day, BBQ lunch or fundraiser.

May. 31/13
Congratulations and thank you for taking the lead in ocean protection as a 100% AWARE Partner!
Now you can share your support and show potential and existing customers that you are 100% committed to our ocean planet. Use these tools developed especially for you to market your remarkable business.
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Jun. 07/11

Show off your support by displaying the Project AWARE logo on your website, blog or newsletters.

May. 31/11

Use this training resource to teach, dive and certify students in coral monitoring and data collection. Educate students about coral reef impacts such as coral bleaching; provide knowledge and skills to identify coral health; and record data and demonstrate how to execute dives using the Coral Health Chart.