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Are You Ready to Go 100% AWARE?

Dec. 13/11

Pledge your ongoing commitment to ocean protection and go 100% AWARE in 2012.

Project AWARE is launching a new partnership programme to help PADI Dive Centres integrate ocean protection priorities into their business and fund critical conservation initiatives at the same time.

Beginning January 2012, dive centres and resorts taking part in the programme will ensure all of their student divers receive the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card.

100% AWARE donations will target protection for the world’s most threatened shark species and the removal and prevention of marine debris from treasured underwater environments. Together we can make ocean protection a reality.

Did you know?2012 Project AWARE Limited Edition Card

  • Less than 1% of our ocean is protected.
  • 7% of all PADI divers choose to support ocean protection initiatives by making a minimum donation to receive the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card.
  • AWARE cards are our largest fundraising effort.
With the 100% AWARE partnership we can make 2012 the biggest year for ocean protection! Make shark conservation and marine debris prevention a priority and become one of the first dive centres to become 100% AWARE in 2012 or one of the first divers to be certified by a 100% AWARE dive centre.

Whether you're a diver or PADI Professional, supporting the 100% AWARE programme will make a difference!

I am a Diver and I want the new Project AWARE Card

Ask your local dive centre to Go 100% AWARE in 2012! or visit to replace or update your PADI certification card with one of the two limited edition Project AWARE cards in 2012.

I am a PADI Dive Center and I want to Go 100% AWARE

2012 Project AWARE Limited Edition CardAll you need to do is contact us to pledge your support to the 100% AWARE programme. We will send you the registration details and provide you with all the tools you need to promote the AWARE cards to your students. Dive Centres who become 100% AWARE will also earn points towards the new PADI Green Star Award.

Thank you for your continued support. We wish you all a happy festive season and look forward to taking action with you in 2012 to protect our ocean planet – one dive at a time ...or One AWARE Certification Card at a Time!

We would like to take on this opportunity to thank all the dive centers who took part in the 100% AWARE pilot for their support and helpful feedback on this initiative. The global programme launch is a result of your ongoing passion and commitment.


Scubafish in Ko Lanta are

Scubafish in Ko Lanta are delighted to be supporting the 100% AWARE scheme - we can't wait to issue all our divers with Project Aware certification cards and contribute to ocean protection with every PADI course we teach.
Visit our site at

4 years ago

hi, Am Nichodemus Mwania,

Am Nichodemus Mwania, environmental planning and management and runs a consulting firm in Africa, Kenya and would like to partner with you on projects concerning resources conservation. Please if you are interested write to me through

4 years ago

AWARE has a whole range of

AWARE has a whole range of support materials for those who want to get involved so they can take part - you can see some of those from posters to decals and web banners. You can contact us on to find out more specifics. Thanks and we look forward to you going 100% AWARE

4 years ago

What sort of materials are

What sort of materials are available for dive center for promotion?
This sound like a great idea, it is implementing it that I can see as the challenge

4 years ago

Really want to get involved

Really want to get involved :-)
So excited! lemme know where I can make a diffference pls

4 years ago

I am ready to go 100% aware

I am ready to go 100% aware by diving only in fresh water lakes, and support shark behaviour research conducted by the Lea Nichols foundation who employ unmanned remotely controled submersibles.

4 years ago