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AWARE Shark Conservation Course: Absolute Hit!

Apr. 26/13

‘Did you know that Grey Nurse shark pups eat each other in the mother’s womb and only the strongest survive?’ This is one of many facts about sharks discovered by divers on the Dive World, Brisbane Specialty course this weekend.

“The AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty was an absolute hit. Thank you Project AWARE for providing the content and platform for a great course.

Dive World

Dive World launched their AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty with nine candidates signed up for the theory and seven diving. The course started at Dive World in Brisbane where Specialty Instructor Ray Crampton presented a mix of videos, biologists presentations and the theory.

The course took divers to Sea World on the Gold Coast for a dive in the Reef Tank with over 50 sharks, including leopard shark, tawny nurse sharks, black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and other bottom dwelling sharks such as grey carpet and epaulette sharks.  From this tank you can also see into the Shark lagoon where the large whaler sharks live.

On second and final day, the group headed out to Shark Alley, Flat Rock at North Stradbroke Island to look for sharks. The group was overwhelmed with some of the divers seeing a Whale Shark, plenty of Wobbegong and Tawny Sharks. Some of the divers also saw a Leopard Shark.

“The AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty was an absolute hit,” said Ray Crampton.   "All candidates loved the experience and have stories to tell about how they can help educate their friends and family about shark conservation.Thank you Project AWARE for providing the content and platform for a great course. We already have three candidates signed up for the next one."

Interested in teaching the AWARE Shark Conservation Course grab all the resources from the Shark Action Kit.

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I´m very happy reading this

I´m very happy reading this post. But, i´d like to make a question: why don´t you give us the chance to do it here in Brazil? I live in Recife and we had some troubles with two species of sharks but it´s a problem caused for human race. I´d like to do this course too for many reasons but one of them is: i´m preparing myself to become a DiveMaster certified by PADI and i´d love to share my love and admiration for sharks. Is it possible to make a course here in Recife-PE- Brazil???
Congrats for everything you do to defend sharks worldwide.

3 years ago