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Conservation's in the Cards

Jul. 14/11

What if we told you the effort you put forth as a diver to complete a PADI certification course could also support ocean protection projects? These projects include protecting the planet's shark populations and preventing debris from entering our ocean.

With a small donation to conservation, you can select the Project AWARE version of your PADI certification or replacement card. 100 percent of your donation will support Project AWARE initiatives that impact the places you love to dive.

Bridge your passion for diving to underwater conservation work. The next time you complete a dive course, ask your PADI instructor for the latest Project AWARE certification card options. If you love the card image to the left, our latest design, you can also visit to replace your PADI card with latest in a series from Project AWARE.


Ocean beauty is like heaven

Ocean beauty is like heaven on earth.. So, we should keep its beauty conserved..Your efforts are really appreciable.

4 years ago

I agree with you beauty of

I agree with you beauty of ocean insight is awesome and amazing different kind of living things live insight.

4 years ago

I'm proud to say all my

I'm proud to say all my c-cards are project aware cards. Now my new husband is getting certified. I made sure to educate him on the importance of choosing a project aware c-card when turning in his pic card. We have to save the sharks!!! They are the reason I became a diver!

4 years ago

if i had a project aware open

if i had a project aware open water diver card and i am recieving my advanced open water diver card will it be the same or do i have to pay again

5 years ago

As far as i know you don't

As far as i know you don't have to pay,because i know someone who had a open diver card and he got the advanced one as a part of his AMC.

4 years ago

Yes, please pay again. The

Yes, please pay again. The money goes to a great place and you get cooler c-cards than your friends!

4 years ago