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Dive Against Debris, Men’s Pants and a Parachute?

Sep. 01/11

If you lost some pants somewhere near Moscow, Russia - never fear, they’ve been recovered by the debris divers from 13 Dreaming Dolphins. And thanks to their fantastic work and spirited Dive Against Debris competitions, we now have debris data recorded for three pairs of men’s underpants and a parachute.

Since Project AWARE’s June launch of the new Dive Against Debris program, developed just for divers, 13 Dreaming Dolphins has been logging their debris dives each month. And you just never know what you’re going to find.

“I don’t understand. Probably it is possible to go home without flip-flops but how is it possible to go home without pants?” said one diver.

In all seriousness though, in one recent Dive Against Debris alone, the team removed a grand total of more than 50 fishing line fragments, 28 lead sinkers, one fishing rod, random fishing tackle and several other items of debris.

Not bad for a few dreaming dolphins indeed! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish this September during Debris Month of Action.  


And I have to say that 13

And I have to say that 13 dreaming dolphins have found not only pants! Also we have lifted from a bottom a few spinning rods, the pneumatic pistol, a suitcase in which was the safe with documents, some hammers, knifes, glasses, plates and more many interesting things...

And on Saturday a part of dolphins group goes on the Red Sea and we will wait for new interesting finds!

4 years ago

I was lucky in this season to

I was lucky in this season to find many man pants, it was successful. Also I have found two wallets. Only without money. Can it was necessary to sell a parachute and pants to buy a dry suit?

4 years ago