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Exposing Underwater Winners

Jul. 18/11

So far, more than 1,500 people have set up My Ocean profiles on When we first launched the new website, we kept our eyes peeled for 10 of the most complete and inspiring profiles to feature on our blog. The ten profiles listed below have shown us that underwater conservation is a big part of their diving experience. These 10 profiles feature stories of ocean conservation action from around the planet. If you live in Brazil and wonder what divers in Egypt are up to, this is the master list to check out:

  1. Sub-Mission, United Kingdom
  2. Crystal Dive, Thailand
  3. Rich Coast Diving, Costa Rica
  4. Reef Dive Resort, Malaysia
  5. Neptune Diving, Philippines
  6. Scuba Junkie, Malaysia
  7. Brazil Divers, Brazil
  8. Blue Planet Scuba, United States,
  9. Ocean Adventures, Denmark
  10. Camel Eco, Egypt
  13. By the way, we want to continue to feature and reward the top profiles on Keep up the great work.