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Going to Great Lengths for Sharks - the Same Length as the Great Barrier Reef!

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Todd Cameron has been swimming around the world for sharks. He set a goal of a total of 2300km (2.3 million meters) - the same length as the Great Barrier Reef (or Toronto to Miami – that’s 605 IRONMAN swims!) to raise awareness for sharks. His Swimming Fast for Sharks project supports Project AWARE’s Finathon® so his action not only raises awareness but essential funds for shark protection.

This swim feat began June 2012. Over the past 23.5 months, Todd swam an average of 6 days a week, completing a 4.5km workout each day, taking a total of 828 hours. 36km of his swim challenge took place in open water swim races, all on a 100% plant-based diet. 

The final leg of the swim brought him to Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island, USA on Friday June 20th which coincidentally marks the 39th Anniversary of JAWS. He didn't just complete his last swim while he was visiting this site that put sharks in the spotlight. “We are shooting a PSA video on the many reasons why we need to emphasize the full protection of this magnificent species from threats like finning, overfishing, long lining, imposed culls, and shark nets.” Says Todd. During his shark sightings, Todd was able to get a special reminder of his great work – a shark selfie!

Thank you Todd and your Swimming Fast For Sharks supporters for raising $935 for the Finathon.

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