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New Certification Card Helps Protect Mantas at Risk

Jan. 02/13

Manta rays, close to the heart of every diver, are at risk of extinction. The time is now to protect them! If you take a PADI course in 2013 you can choose the Project AWARE limited edition manta ray card and make a donation to help protect manta rays.

FACT: Manta ray catch has nearly quadrupled in seven years according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

FACT: Your support has already helped Project AWARE and our conservation partners succeed in safeguarding the globally threatened giant manta ray and its key habitats under the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).

Every day divers can contribute to securing much needed protections for these magnificent creatures. This March, Project AWARE will continue critical work to protect mantas and sharks under CITES, the world's largest, most effective wildlife conservation agreement. The Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card shows your experience as a PADI diver and your support for ocean protection.

To get the Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card contact your local dive center or resort or visit www.padi.com for more details.




2 years ago

love the project!

love the project!

3 years ago