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#OurOcean2014 Conference: Elevating Pollution Solutions at the U.S. Capital

Jun. 13/14

Marine pollution is a key topic of discussion during the upcoming International Ocean Conference, "Our Ocean", in Washington, DC from 16 – 17 June 2014.

We need to elevate the environment in everything we do ... We can protect the ocean if we all start treating it like "our ocean"

John Kerry, Secretary of State

Project AWARE will be there among lawmakers, advocates and experts to advocate for the ocean and marine debris – trash in our ocean – specifically.

We want you to be there too. Please help create a global rally cry for ocean pollution solutions.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Check out US Senator Kerry’s call to action video and amplify this important message by tweeting:

 - Ocean pollution high on the agenda at #OurOcean2014 & high on the agenda of global divers too: @projectaware

- Marine Pollution: we can make a difference. Join global divers protecting the ocean #DiveAgainstDebris #OurOcean2014

2. Show the world what ocean pollution looks like from beneath the surface. Share your best underwater trash shot on 16 or 17 June with the hashtags #OurOcean2014 and #DiveAgainstDebris.


3. Join the Thunderclap! We want to mass-share the same message across social media and stand out from the crowd. 

Please join the Thunderclap here and join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates from the conference . You can also watch the conference online here: Our Ocean Live Streaming from Monday 9 am Eastern time. Thank you for helping elevate the need for solutions to these global problems.


The ocean will never be clean

The ocean will never be clean as long as the worlds navy's keep dumping their garbage into it.I know a guy in the Canadian navy and he keeps telling me i would not believe what they throw into the ocean.Also our prime minister gave our navy permission to throw their garbage into the Arctic Ocean.What ever happened to pack in pack out?If that's what the Canadian navy is doing how are ever supposed to clean up the ocean?

2 years ago