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Shark Guardian UK Tour

Feb. 01/12

During 2011, Brendon Sing worked his way across Asia, speaking with international schools, national environmental conferences and learning institutes about the importance of shark species, why they’re in trouble and what we can do about it.

We believe that if you reach the hearts and minds of children, they are able to change things and educate even the adults of today


In October 2011, after visiting many schools in Bangkok and Thailand, Brendon Sing embarked in a UK Tour and launched his Shark Guardian campaign in the UK.

Shark Guardian is a non-profit organization founded by Brendon Sing, an experienced scuba diving instructor trainer with a great passion for sharks.

Shark Guardian UK started with a visit to one of Brendon's friend school. Liz’s old headmaster, Barry Doran, welcomed the Shark Guardian campaign with no hesitation. Liz's presentation included great graphics, unusual looking sharks and shocking shark finning facts. Approximately 140 children aged 8 to 11 year old as well as 6 member of staff attended the talk with great interest and astonishment.

Then, Liz took the Shark Guardian presentation to South Notts Academy in Nottinghamshire.  With a combination of brilliant images and films, Liz's presentation left 200 plus pupils with a new found insight and appreciation for sharks. "The enthusiasm and feedback were overwhelming" commented Liz.

Shark Guardian’s next stop in the UK was Friesland School where Year 11 pupils were thrilled to learn more about sharks with two sessions fitting perfectly well with their studies on food chains and ecosystems. The two presentations were so well received that the teacher who coordinated the event is now very keen on getting Shark Guardian back to the school on a regular basis.

In January 2012, the UK tour continued with Liz and Brendon presenting their vibrant educational shark talks at Ilkeston Rotary club. The club was amazed by the information presented and Shark Guardian now hopes they will keep a close relationship to develop future presentation opportunities in Rotary Clubs around the world.

Shark Guardians School Visit ArtworkA few days later Shark Guardian paid a visit to Highwood Player Junior and Infant schools. Liz and Brendon first presented to the 7 to 11 year old juniors.

“The children and teachers received all the information brilliantly, asking lots of questions and loving our Great White Shark song!” says Brendon.

Then the infants ranging from 3 and a half to 6 years joined in meaning that nearly 300 more children joined the Shark Guardian campaign.

“Special thanks go to Laura for organizing these and for her follow up work with the infants” said Brendon. “This is the first time the presentation has resulted in a full scale playground demonstration complete with chanting and placards!”.

The follow up posters and pictures Shark Guardian was given the next day are amazing and show how much information children even at such a young age are capable of understanding and remembering.

"We believe that if you reach the hearts and minds of children, they are able to change things and educate even the adults of today" says Brendon.

Shark Guardian thoroughly enjoyed the UK presentations and Liz is embracing her role as Shark Lady alongside the original Shark Guardian himself.

Great Work Shark Guardians! We look forward to your next Shark Guardian Tour wherever it might be!


I was in Kuala Lumpur last

I was in Kuala Lumpur last week, surprised and happy to hear an ad on the radio in taxi asking people not to eat Shark Fin soup because the shark populations are being decimated. Very encouraging. D P

4 years ago

Yes, soup, tuna, and ocean

Yes, soup, tuna, and ocean all fishing kills sharks, but did you know that the cosmetic industry is the #1 killer AND it is totally intentional. Most creamy products use shark liver oil, but they call it squalene (or something deceptively similar). Preparation H, as an absurd example, is 5% squalene (HUGE) and provides zero medicinal value.

Please read the labels... most lotions and cosmetics aren't good for you anyway, are tested on animals, and are generally bad for the planet, you, etc.

4 years ago