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Shark Protection & Stop Motion

Jul. 07/11

Our ocean's sharks have a new champion and his name is Bali B. He happens to be a hero in the Lego universe and here, at Project AWARE, we're big fans of his anti-finning moves.

We created this short animation to involve kids and bring a different light to the anti-finning campaign.

- Bluecrayon, Creators of Bali B

We recently discovered this Youtube video in support of our Sharks in Peril campaign. According to the animators who created Bali B’s adventure, it was made to "involve kids and bring a different light to the anti-finning campaign."

We like this approach and we particularly like the stop-motion animation with Lego. It's action and creativity like this that adds power to Project AWARE’s shark petition. Your name is counted in the battle to give sharks a fighting chance when you sign our petition.

Why do we worry about shark populations? Our planet's ocean depends on predators like sharks to keep underwater ecosystems in balance. And overfishing of sharks and shark finning, in particular, drive shark declines. Project AWARE aims to put an end to shark finning as an acceptable fishing method worldwide. There's a lot of work to be done. Here's to Bali B and all his shark protection work!


Awesome video!

Awesome video!

4 years ago

It's really nice video..And I

It's really nice video..And I love this Bali B.... I want a movie on this Bali B.home mole removal

4 years ago

This! I want that picture on

This! I want that picture on a T-Shirt! T-shirt being the same colour as that palest orange, and Project AWARE being printed on the reverse. Please tell me that PA could merchandise such a product to aid donations, and for the donor to get a little somthing out of it too!

It would most certainly get you noticed, and more importantly, get PA noticed!

5 years ago

Now that is one great idea :)

Now that is one great idea :) We'll "swim" it around - thanks for the suggestion!

5 years ago