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Show Us Your Weirdest Marine Debris Photos

Sep. 01/11

This month, we’re celebrating the Debris Month of Action and we’re kicking things off with a marine debris photo contest. We want to know what kind of debris you find when you dive. What better way to show us than with a photo!

We want to know what kind of debris you find when you dive. What better way to show us than with a photo!

Enter the Contest Now!

The grand prize winner receives an Intova C9 camera, gear from SCUBAPRO a PADI elearning pass for a EANx specialty course. Runners-up will each win a PADI elearning pass for a Digital Underwater Photography course.

Till September 30, we'll be accepting photo submissions for the contest. Our panel of judges will pick eight finalist photos. Then Project AWARE supporters will decide who wins the grand prize.

Tires, plastic bags, bottles and fishing nets are just some of the types of debris that threaten ocean life. In order to introduce more effective policies that prevent debris from entering our planet's ocean, we need to better inform decision makers and the researchers who advise them.

That's why we're asking divers to collect data while they dive and log it on our website. This data adds to a larger collection that will help address marine debris problems at their source. Our goal? To present a compelling 360-degree view of global debris issues. Help us achieve it by sending in your photos of underwater debris!

Click on the contest link to enter, scope out the other submissions and invite your friends who love to take underwater photos to enter, as well.

The deadline to submit is September 30th. 

Not only will the debris and data you collect help our effort to clean up our planet’s ocean, your photos will contribute to a global movement! Good luck!


I wish there would be a

I wish there would be a contest on the most debris removed from our reefs - that would surely spell a big difference :) Anyways who won the photography contest? What was the photo submitted?
Regards, Rom

2 years ago

Hooray for Project Aware!

Hooray for Project Aware! Shark survival is necessary for human survival -- and that is no stretch. The joy of swimming among Caribbean reef sharks and among Sand Tigers off North Carolina cannot be equaled. Every sighting is a gift. The key, I think, is to take the economic value out of killing the animals. Put a cash value on every confirmed save, just like we did with bottles and cans. Sharks are at least worth the redeemable value of a glass bottle. Roger Auge II, Covington, Kentucky

4 years ago