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Tip #1: Be a Buoyancy Expert

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Divers around the globe are pledging to help protect the ocean planet with Project AWARE’s modernized 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet – a conservation ethic designed to help divers enjoy the adventure while protecting the dive sites they love. What’s the tip #1 about? Buoyancy of course!

Streamlining your dive and photo gear might seem like diving 101. It's central to any diver’s training. But gliding effortlessly through the water, perfectly neutral and in control can be tricky and it’s definitely more important than you think.

When you’re a buoyancy master, you use less air and less energy, so you can log even more bottom time. But the real reason Project AWARE emphasizes buoyancy in the 10 Tips for Divers is to dive safe and also protect fragile underwater animals and environments for the future.

The creatures we love to visit are more fragile than we think. Did you know that even one thump from your fin or slight brush of a hand can destroy decades of coral growth or cause harm to a plant or animal? Proper buoyancy control every time you dive is crucial. Are you in?

Take the 10 Tips for Divers pledge and share your tips and tricks for buoyancy with all your dive buddies too. Thank you for taking this ocean ethic to heart!

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