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We're Shark Raving Mad for Earth Day

Apr. 18/12

With Earth Day, 22nd April fast approaching, the Big Shark Shout Out is in full swing and it's louder, and madder, than ever before!

Divers will not sit back. We are sharks friends. And we will stand together and give sharks a voice.

Jo Marston

We love sharks - as divers we appreciate their beauty, respect their power and become mesmerised when we catch a glimpse underwater. We're so into sharks one could say, we are completely mad about them. In fact we're Shark Raving Mad to be precise.

The Oxford dictionary's definition of mad: 

1. very enthusiastic about someone or something

2. very angry 

When it comes to sharks there's no doubt we are super enthusiastic. Across every corner of the globe we're putting on our most creative hats to show our love for sharks. From downing shark shots to raise funds, wearing shark costumes, holding shark trivia nights or running the petition signature gauntlet - we're doing it all, and we're having a lot of fun along the way.

But we're also showing the world that we are angry. We are angry that, despite strong scientific evidence, shark populations continue to be decimated worldwide. We're angry that shark fishing is largely unregulated in most of the world’s ocean. And we're angry that international trade in all but three shark species goes on unmonitored and unmanaged. 

Divers will not sit back. We are sharks friends. And we will stand together and give sharks a voice. Over 100,000 people have signed our petition sharing their voice with Representatives of the Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). Share your concerns too by signing the shark petition to make sure sharks get the protection they deserve.

As we approach Earth Day, celebrations for the Big Shark Shout Out continue. And while those on land will celebrate their Earth Day, we'll be underwater celebrating ours with the sharks.

If you want to go mad for sharks, it's not too late - check out the Big Shark Shout Out Petition Kit for everything you need.


Seriously...who thinks it's

Seriously...who thinks it's called Earth Day because they're referring to dirt? It's supposed to get people to think about the planet...the whole planet.

4 years ago

Huh? Last time I checked

Huh? Last time I checked Earth was a planet?????????

4 years ago

agreed. it is named so

agreed. it is named so because we live on planet Earth. would you like to change it to planet ocean? (yes, yes it covers 71% of our globe but that's not the point here)
more and more are becoming aware of our ocean's (as well as sharks) demise and importance, especially with the amount of protest for our oceans already.
please rethink some of your article titles, as they definitely give off a false sense of what i'm about to read.

4 years ago