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Is This Your Idea of a Marine Reserve?

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It doesn't seem possible but a draft plan for a new Coral Sea Marine Reserve leaves most of the area open to shark fishing and fails to protect the coral reefs.

Yes, that’s right. Within the Coral Sea Marine Reserve shark fishing will continue in almost half the area and 90% of reefs will remain exposed to harmful activities.

Does this sound like a Marine Reserve to you?

You can help change the draft plan before it’s too late. The Australian Government is asking how important we think it is to protect sharks, reefs and the many hundreds of other marine species in the Coral Sea. Please make a quick submission and tell them you think it is very important.

The Coral Sea is one of the world's last remaining marine wilderness areas. Lying next to the Great Barrier Reef, its distance from shore has so far insulated it from most human impacts. But how much longer can its remoteness protect it from the world's insatiable demand for seafood?

Unless protection for the Coral Sea is increased, its relatively healthy populations of sharks, whales, dolphins, fish, turtles and many other marine species could soon be overfished - just as we’ve seen happen in other marine environments.

But divers can stop this from happening. You have a strong voice. No matter where you live in the world, make sure your voice is heard. Make a quick submission in support of Coral Sea sharks and reefs. It's good for marine life, good for ocean health and good for us!

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