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"Debris Free February" was wrapped up with yet another successful Project Aware event on Auckland's Takapuna Beach. Project AWARE is a non-profit organisation that focuses on solving the issues of marine debris and shark-finning. (See last years event here!)


With the support of my collages at Performance Diver, we were able to mobilise our community to get involved in our debris free mission. Twenty seven members of the community registered to help us clean up, eight voluentees helped to run the meat free BBQ (sponsored by Mi Systems), register the participants, inform bystanders of what we were doing and make the evening a success. Once again the Pocket Rockets were the stars of the night, performing three dances on the beach that were both enjoyable and informative. 

Feature article in the North Shore times.


Me showcasing the North Shore Resource Centre as a way to reuse, rather than recycle.


 Organic Mechanic supplied ample amount of refreshing probiotic Kombucha for us all!

I was invited to the rehearsal for the Pocket Rockets performance! My Favourite dance is 'The Wave' where the children created the moves to reflect water, then were entrapped by plastic, portraying the importance for us to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Jane, founder of Pocket Rockets, created a sound track that had voice overs of the children saying facts about plastic throughout. This dance really made an impact!

The following weekend we headed to Ti-Point north of Auckland to Dive Against Debris. We removed an outstanding 44kg of Debris out of the ocean!

For more information check out the Debris Free New Zealand Facebook page.



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