Resource Zone

Resource Zone

You’ll find materials, training and action kits designed to support marine debris, sharks in peril and other conservation activities.

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Mar. 30/15

Check out the infographic below to see your support in 2014 in action or watch our Year In Review video.

The infographic is also available in PDF format Simplified Chinese

Mar. 27/15

潛水員們向來以移除海底垃圾不遺餘力感到自豪,然而,海洋垃圾卻仍持續在堆積中。Project AWARE 針對這樣的情況,推出了打擊海洋垃圾潛水計畫(Dive Against Debris),這是一項全球性的 調查行動。

Dec. 18/13

潛水員和海洋有著緊密的聯繫。您每次潛水, 旅遊等時候都可以為保護海洋星球出力。

下載和分享Project AWARE的潛水員保護海洋星球的10個要訣