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1st Annual Terex beach cleanup at Lake Jacomo

Lee's Summit, United States

38.97329, -94.318314

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As part of our effort to participate in community service activities and find ways to better our environment, the Terex Services Kansas City Branch will be participating in the first annual Family Picnic and Lake Cleanup.  In conjunction with Project Aware, an organization dedicated to the global protection of oceans, lakes, and rivers, we will be doing our part to rid Lake Jacomo in Blue Springs, Missouri, of trash.  On September 21, we will arm ourselves with gloves and trash bags, and absolutely no debris will be safe from us!


Not only will this be a great chance to socialize outside of our typical work environment, it will also be a chance for everyone to pitch in and have fun while doing something impactful and meaningful for the environment.  September is the official Month of Action for Project Aware.  It is designated as a month to take note of the damage that is done to all of our water sources by the accumulation of debris.


Cleanup events for Project Aware most often occur underwater, with the majority of participants being scuba divers, however it is important to realize that every part of our natural water areas can be affected by discarded debris—including shorelines.


As we all know, many of our waste products do not biodegrade very quickly, and some biodegrade into smaller pieces, causing even greater harm to animals who may accidentally consume them.  Debris along the shorelines or in our water can cause injury or illness to both humans and animals alike, and this is why we are focusing our cleanup efforts in this area.


Everything from plastic shopping bags to bottles, cans, wrappers, and anything else you can image throwing away can (and probably will) be found during a beach cleanup.  Although it’s hard work, it is satisfying to know we will be making a positive impact on our environment.


Of course, following the debris cleanup, we’ll be enjoying a beachside picnic, outdoor games, and fun with our co-workers and families outside of the office. 


That’s how we have fun the Terex way!

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