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2012 ING NYC Marathon!

United States

41, 73

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Project AWARE has been accepted as a Community Charity Partner in the world famous, Boston qualifying, very hard to get into, New York City Marathon!

This means FIVE spots are available for those of us who have colliding interests in sharks, marine conservation and personal health!

  • Contact Project AWARE or diver Kendra Bolt if you're interested in representing Project AWARE in its inaugural year at the Marathon!
  • This is your opportunity to:
  • •Connect with other divers, shark fanatics and ocean enthusiasts- both electronically, at the race, or during training runs;
  • •Meet your health and fitness goals with a team of supporters behind you;
  • •See the real New York (all 5 boroughs!);
  • •Raise funds to support continued efforts towards tightened shark-fishing bans, the establishment of Marine Protected Areas, the support of grassroots conservations groups, dives against debris, data collection and global awareness of the state of our oceans.

Don't worry, even if you don't think of yourself as a runner, we can help you prepare to make sure you feel great as you cross that finish line!


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