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Al Mahara Diving Center FINATHON starts!

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

24.467131, 54.310902

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Hello Divers and Sea Lovers!


We are hosting a Project Aware FINATHON and would love you to spread the message and come down on Thursday 4th July 2013 at Emirates Palace Marina to support this great event!

Al Mahara Diving Center Finathon

Get Swimming to End Shark Finning

One scuba diver’s idea has inspired a worldwide movement to get swimming to end shark finning.

Al Mahara Diving Center is FINatical about sharks and our challenge is to fin or swim 2000meter at Emirates Palace Marina to raise awareness and some funds for Project Aware’s Shark Conservation. Stop the shark finning practise around the world!!!

This June and July (Thursday 4th July) our dive centre Al Mahara Diving Center also a member of EDA is swimming/finning  to end finning for Project AWARE’s Finathon™. Project AWARE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting our ocean planet. Venue: 4th July 2013 Emirates Palace Marina, Dock B at 4pm followed by a casual BBQ. Some fun activities for families to build awareness for our sharks!

We’re calling on divers, instructors, families, guests and schools to join the Finathon™ and help raise much needed funds for this important cause.

“Divers are passionate about all marine life big or small. If we don’t act now to protect the senseless shark finning practices, our oceans will suffer with the loss of its apex predator and this will have dire consequences both to the ocean and to mankind”, says Kathleen Russell, PADI Course Director, Al Mahara Diving Center and Emirates Diving Association Abu Dhabi Committee Coordinator.

Swimmers can fundraise online and all funds raised will help Project AWARE:

  • Fight to stop shark finning
  • Insist on full protections for critically endangered sharks
  • Negotiate stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks

“Finning kills thousands of sharks every day. This cruel and wasteful practice involves slicing off the sharks’ fins and throwing the body overboard. Unable to swim, the shark bleeds to death or drowns. Shark fishing is largely unregulated in most of the world’s oceans,” said Alex Earl, Executive Director Project AWARE Foundation. 

Together divers have a powerful, collective voice to secure protection for endangered shark species worldwide. So if you’re FINatical about sharks you can join the race to protect them. With the clock ticking for vanishing shark species the time to act is now.

Donate today!

For more information on the Al Mahara Diving Center Finathon™ visit or contact our office at 02 643 7377 or email

For additional information in Project AWARE’s Finathon™ and to join the global movement for ocean protection visit

Al Mahara Diving Center’s mission is committed to providing service excellence to the SCUBA Diving Community in UAE, with emphasis on health and safety, whilst protecting the local environment for the enjoyment of future generations, visit us at

Best fishes!

 Al Mahara Dive, Kayak and Swim Team

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