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Aquatron Dive Centre Beach Cleanup and Dive Against Debris

Furnace, United Kingdom

56.151159, -5.177194

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Aquatron Dive Centre is excited to be introducing a 2014 Project Aware event to get divers and non divers alike out to help clean up a local dive site. As some of you will be aware, the site Dog Fish Reef in the village of Furnace is often left messy by divers, campers and fishermen. In order to try and repair the relationship between divers and the residents in Furnace we will be doing a beach clean up and dive against debris. 

Non-divers can help out be walking the shore and cleaning up rubbish and divers can bring up the debris which has made it into the water. We can all enjoy a bar-b-que, drinks and (hopefully) a beautiful day on the waterfront!

All debris collected will be logged and sent to Project Aware to help them catalogue debris from around the globe. 

There is no cost to attend the event if you have all of your own kit and are happy to dive with your buddy. If you would like a guide, we will be offering the Aquatron Discover Local Diving deal (2 guided dives and free equipment rental) for only £45.00. 

If you would like to earn your PADI Project Aware Speciality Certification it is only £40.00 for your manual, and certification. This will be a 2 hour class session held at Aquatron Dive Centre on the Friday prior for divers and non-divers.

So please grab your dive buddies and non-diving friends and family and join us for a great day Diving Against Debris!

Please contact the shop direct to book up for a DLD, rental kit, or to sign up for the PADI Project Aware Speciality, as spaces are limited


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