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Beach and Ocean Cleanup- Saving the World One Dive at a Time!

Riviera Beach, United States

26.783851, -80.043039

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My name is Natalia Pluta and I attend Suncoast Community High School in Riviera Beach Florida. For my IB Personal Project, I am organizing a beach and reef clean-up under the Blue Heron Bridge on October 5th. The ocean cleanup will begin around 8 AM and last approximatley 2 hours and then the beach cleanup will start at 11 AM and continue to 2 PM.


  It is hard to believe how much garbage and debris can be found there. The Blue Heron Bridge is a world famous diving destination that can be found in a number of dive magazines. The underwater panorama is pulchritudinous and astonishing. There are millions of miniscule criters inhabiting the ocean water around the bridge. Unfortunately, a large number of bottles, plastic bags, fishing lines, etc. can all be found on the beach and with the tides and other natural factors, the garbage enters the marine ecosystem. Actually, the first time I went diving at the bridge, my instructor and I found a baby octopus living in a beer bottle! The garbage kills thousands of innocent animals alone in the waters around West Palm Beach. *** However, during the ocean cleanup, we will primarilly focus on fishing lines and plastic. We will NOT collect any objects that have growth on them and are part of the ocean ecosystem.   **** If you or your family member is planning to dive- you MUST BE SCUBA CERTIFIED - please arrive promtly at 8 AM! If you are just planning to attend the beach cleanup, please come at 11 AM.   Before the clean-up pizza will be served and I will give a short presentation about the effects of debris on marine life, and how we can all help, and bring this problem to a halt. Please make sure you are on time!!    Let's all join together and make a difference! Everybody is invited, both young and old, divers and non-divers, simply everybody! Please join me on October 5th, 2013! I hope to see you there!    If you are planning to attend either cleanup, please RSVP to Natalia @ 561-876-5763

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