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Beach Cleanup

Turks and Caicos Islands

21.423374, -71.141388

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We just wanted to take this opportunity to invite everyone who would like to participate in our Third Annual Belated World Oceans Day Cleanup to join us on Saturday June 17th. We will be meeting at 4:00pm at White Sands Beach (on the east side of the island, NOT White Sands Resort) to work together to clean up the east side from the southern tip of Grand Turk to Hawkes Nest.  Depending on how many volunteers show up, we might be able to clean up further north along the beach past Hawkes Nest.  We will evaluate how much area we can cover once we see how many people are willing to help out.


Basically we are thinking that teams can collect trash in bags (which we will supply), and then the bags can be left at intervals along the way so that separate teams can easily walk by later and pick them all up.


We look forward to seeing as many Grand Turk residents as possible to join us for this good cause.  We've attached a flyer which you can hang up at your place of business to help get the word out in the community.  You can sign up for the cleanup as well as forward this event to your Facebook friends using this link:


If anyone would like any additional information, or let us know you are planning on helping out, you can contact Blue Water Divers at 946-2432 or email us at



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