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BUGFEST Anglin's Pier and Biorock Underwater Clean Up

Lauderdale by the Sea, United States

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This time we're going to clean the South side. Towards the end of the pier.

Please plan on entering the water at 8 am and dive until 9:30 am.

With the help of Tommy the Pier Manager, several fishermen and other volunteers we're all doing a great job and it's looking a lot better down there !

Again, we will have buckets going up to the pier. Each time a bucket is filled, it will be pulled up and emptied by volunteers on the pier.

The rules:

You must have sea snips and gloves. (discounted for this event)

No exceptions. We notice some using knives to cut line in our videos and would like to remind you that sea snips are much safer and required. Thanks.

You must sign a waiver for this event at the store or at the pier.  You can sign the waiver a day or two early. Thanks in advance for helping us out with this. I know that it's hard work and I really appreciate it.

We will be heading south to clean the reef and Biorock project for those who wanna sleep in or do two dives!

Be safe and have fun !!!

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