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Bull Shark Diver Community - for shark sightings and protection


20.619189, -87.060599

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We are trying to build a community online and offline for the protection of the amazing Bull Sharks. Our aim is to gather as many divers possible, who had or plannig to have a personal experience with the sharks. These divers are the true ambassadors of Bull Sharks in the Playa del Carmen region. Bull sharks are still arriving to this area every year for the winter months, but less and less in numbers. In 2012 November, we saw big groups of them in our non baited dives, but after reports of extensive shark fishing from the town of Puerto Morelos, the encounters became more rare, and we only see one or two sharks on our dives, if seing any. We are trying to build, using online social networks (mainly Facebook) an active comunity which can share the sightings, making sure, the next generation of responsible divers still can enjoy these amazing sharks. Also using the same network, we will try to learn about allk the activities, which are endangering the bull sharks of Playa del Carmen.


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