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Calling All Ocean Heroes! Join the KBB Marine Clean Up Day Attack on Mangrove Bay Debris!

Somerset, Bermuda

32.303916, -64.865111

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Calling All Ocean Heroes – Let’s Take Action!   September 15th is KBB's Annual Island-Wide Marine Clean Up Day. Join voulenteers and divers from  Keep Bermuda Beautiful, Bermuda Ocean Explorers, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Bermuda Sub-Aqua Club and Bermuda Marine Debris Taskforce, as we come together to clean up Mangrove Bay.   This event is going to take place at Mangrove Bay in Somerset on  Saturday, September 15, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m. Snacks, water, juice and music will be provided for participants. Everyone participating is required to register on arrival.  This is a 'weather permitting' event, with any change of plans being announced the day before. If the weather is terrible for diving but okay for a shore cleanup, we can choose a beach such as Church Bay or Warwick Long Bay to target.    We need certified scuba divers to search for and recover trash below the ocean surface, snorkelers to help spot the trash below and helpers to pull the trash up the beach, out of the water, logged and sorted for pickup.   Essentially, organizers will be located at the Mangrove Bay beach, which - heading west - is just around the bend past the Somerset Police Station on the left. If you pass the Somsert Country Squire, Salt Rock Grill and are crossing the Watford Bridge, you have gone too far! Banners and flags will be everywhere and hard to miss.   All participating SCUBA divers must be certified so please bring your certification cards and log books. Divers also should have been actively diving within the past 12 months. It is recommended divers also bring along a pair of inexpensive gardening gloves to use at depth when collecting debris. Gorhams and other hardware stores have then on sale for a few bucks.   This is set to be a fun and intersting clean up. With the Bermuda Non-Mariners Raft-Up event just a few weeks prior, it's likely divers will collect debis and treasure from this year and years past.    Please call 599-5080 at any time for further information or visit



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