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Campeche United by a Clean Sea: "La Mar" in your school.

San Francisco de Campeche, Mexico

19.831413, -90.526464

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"All Campeche United by a Clean Sea" aims to create a culture of care and protection in the state of Campeche beaches, combating directly the accumulation of debris on the shores of the cities of San Francisco de Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen and Champoton .

To achieve our goal, "All Campeche United by a Clean Sea" consists of three specific actions:

"La Mar" at your school.
Massive Clean Beaches.
I rescued my beach every day, do you?

Action 1: "La Mar" at your school. We will conduct an awareness campaign in schools in basic education of our coastal area, where based on fun and games, we will make the children feel part of the solution to save the oceans and take as his 10 shares for caring beaches.

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