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RIFAINA , Brazil

-20.033746, -47.436861

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Clean up day - Jaguara

 Day returned to the environment, where volunteers help to clean the dam located in Jaguara Rifaina - SP.
Volunteers help collect the garbage to help preserve. Besides cleaning, is there also the release of fish in the dam as well as lectures on environmental awareness. The scubadiver together with its partners, organized the Clean up days to five consecutive years in these dive places, since 2006, supported by the Project Aware PADI aims to educate everyone, divers or not the importance of preserving the waters and environment. This year's cleaning day will be Sunday, September 18, Nautical Jaguara Park, where all participants will receive a collection bag for trash disposal, both underwater and on the surface. And at the end of the dives will be a draw for prizes for participants.
Even those who are not divers love to participate, making picking up trash on the surface.
Everyone is invited to join us. 

Very Thanks
Wagner C. Kazan

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