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Clean Up of our Adopted Beach and Reef

El Quseir, Egypt

24.0614, 34.1652

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Having adopted our beach to keep clean we are lucky enough to have contacts in the local school in order to gather the children from the village to help us in getting our beach clean and inspiring them to keep THEIR beach clean and teaching their families and freinds to keep the environment healthy.

Instilling the importance of keeping their sea clean and safe for their futures and that of the underwater life.

To get the correct results we will go armed with bags and buckets to segregate the rubbish into plastic bottles, cans, wire, and all the other waste that has either been dumped or washed up on the beach.

We will have a running competition to see who will collect the most rubbish, and a secret little something for the winning team!!!


Having surveyed the damage on the reef due to fishing lines and plastic that can damage the fragile organisms, we will over the course of the month rid the site of this debris. Recording the status of the reef before and after this tidying we will then aim for regular assessments, data recording and cleaning program to protect the reef from long-term degradation.

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