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Cleaning up debris for Debris Month of Action!

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

10.575627, -85.67398

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September was Debris Month of Action and we want to continue the clean up in November -- WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We will be cleaning debris from both the land AND sea!


On the beach

Playa Hermosa is just like every other populated beach -- people enjoy it all day and sometimes even all night long! This means that trash collects and slowly makes its way into our oceans.


We want to protect the marine life from plastics and other harmful human waste products as well as making the beach a nicer place to enjoy. Dead sea creatures can also be a hazard, so anything that has been washed up we'll take care of too!



There is an artificial reef close to us that is helping to rebuild and regenerate various species of marine life. We will be checking this reef out to make sure that it is nice and clean so the budding species have a chance to thrive!


We can provide gear for up to 10 certified divers, so sign up fast before the slots are all gone! If you have your own gear you are very much welcome to join us -- we'll have tanks and weights for everyone!

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