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Cleaning up Saltstraumen, world strongest tidal water Maelstroem

8001 Bodø, Norway

67.297497, 14.172363

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Bodø Sports Diving Club (Bodø Sportsdykkerklubb) have since 2005 picked up 5tonns (5000 Kilograms) of polluting fishing lures, (containing almost 100% poisonous lead),  from the seabed of Saltstraumen. Saltstraumen is a small strait with the strongest tidal current in the world. It is located in the municipality of Bodø in Nordland county, Norway, located just north of the Polarcircle. Saltstraumen is a popular area for recreational fishing and -scubadiving. Saltstraumen is considered to be one of the best coldwater dive spots on earth. (5000kilograms => almost 170 000pcs of 30grams lures!)The publication of "", pointed out that lead is a harmful pollutant. Lead from fishing lures is today the biggest source of lead contamination in the environment in Norway. This because of lead shot (for hunting on land) is prohibited, leaded petrol for cars is phased out, and lead batteries recycled.Bodø Sports Diving Club aims to pick up approx 750kg of lead in 2013. In the  mentioned report, it is estimated that the overall pollution of fishing lures from lead is approx 80tonns along the norvegian coastline. In other words Bodø Sports Diving Club almost manages to collect 1% of the yearly overall pollution of lead polluted into water in Norway. And this we make with relatively few resourses and in a relatively small area of approx 1sq kilometer!Bodø Sports Diving Club hope to draw attention to a environmental problem that is invisible to most people on the land, but that is very so visible to us scubadivers who use the Saltstraumen as a recreational area, and for scubadiving tourists. Lead lures pollutes the seabed visually. Lead is also poisonuos and it accumulates in the tissues of organisms, shellfish, crabs and demersal fish and finally to those who are unfortunate to be on the very top of the foodchain - humans.Bodø Sports Divingclub (Bodø Sortsdykkerklubb) aims to reduce those negative side effects! BRBengt K StrandeBodø SportsdykkerklubbVisit our website: Facebook: Bodø Sportsdykkerklubb

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