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Coastal Clean up and Off shore clean up

Boracay, Philippines

11.971822, 121.916485

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Boracay has consistently been voted as the best beach in the world. Coastal and Off-shore clean-up . Recently, Coastal erosion has been a real threat and problem to this paradise island.Several Marine Protected Areas have been established to protect its coral reefs. Besides its powder white sand beach, Boracay is also home to a fantastic marine ecosystem. Sadly the massive inflow of tourists has left the island struggling with garbage on the island and in its surrounding marine environment. As part of the regular activities of the Marine Protected Area an Off-shore clean up in the navigation lane of the Marine Protected Area and  a Coastal Clean-up from willys rock to Boracay Terraces Hotel will take place on February 16 2013 organized by Sangkalikasan and Globe Telecom. Various other groups such as the Boracay Association of Scuba Schools and Boracay Chamber will participate.

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