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Coral Reef Conservation - by planting coral buds!

Boracay, Philippines

11.950578, 121.931076

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Coral Bud Planting... in association with the Boracay Association of Scuba Schools (B.A.S.S.) - dive for FREE!

Come and take part with this amazing opportunity to help us plant some healthy coral buds on some lifeless reef areas, to help bring dead reefs back to life, and give reef fish a new home to thrive on.... preceded by a short presentation on Coral Reef Conservation.

With 1 million tourists a year visit Boracay.. many of them come to swim, snorkel or dive... looking underwater to explore our reefs and see the abundant corals and beautiful critters - fish, nudibranch, sea stars, eels, snakes, octopus... and many more...

But also, the number of people visiting our reefs, is putting our reefs in peril.  Become one of our special group of volunteer divers who want to help give something back to our oceans that we love.  

Ready to sign up?  Fantastic!!!   Simply email us with your name/details to confirm your participation: or simply pop into our dive centre a day or two beforehand.

On 19th April, we ask that you turn up at 8.15am for a short 15 minute presentation about coral reefs,  we will then  supply you with the diving equipment (or bring your own!) and then we will go and join the other B.A.S.S. volunteers helping preserve our reefs.... and go and plant some coral buds.  AWESOME!!! 

This is just one dive for this coral bud planting event for our dive centre (although the coral bud planting is an ongoing project here in Boracay).  We should be back at the dive centre by midday.  

This event is open  to any certified diver at Open Water Diver level and upwards.  Refreshments will be provided by the event organisers.


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