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My cycle4sharks tour was born out of the project AWARE Finathon campaign.

The idea is to raise funds for the project AWARE sharks in perril campaign. I come from Germany and live in Portugal. As I will not be working in July and August, I thought it is a good idea to make a bike ride from Germany to Portugal. I will symbolicaly carry the word of all the donors through france, spain and Portugal, which are the three biggest exporter countries of shark fins in Europe. The more donations I can collect for project AWARE the further I will go. Every Euro gives me "energy" for two kilometers. So with 2000€ I will make it to southern Portugal. More informations about the shark issue can be found on and on Detailed informations and updates about my trip are published in my blog I hope that I can win you as a supporter for the fight against shark finning. Please help with a little donation and share my project. Talk to your friends and explain the issue. Thank you very much. Have a Fintastic day.

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