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Dive Against Debris

Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia

-5.730094, 106.584206

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Come and join our Dive Against Debris on March 3 to 4, 2012. It's the end of rainy season in Western Indonesia region and as usual, the Thousand Islands area of Jakarta will be packed of marine debris.

Thousand Islands of Jakarta is an archipelago of approximately 117 small islands which is located very near to the city of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is a large metropolitan with around 16 million inhabitants and tons of garbage! During the rainy season, plenty of plastics, rubber sandals and other non-environmental friendly products like food packaging will be swept from the city by rainfalls, go through the canals and end-up at sea.

Because of its location which is right in front of the city's river estuaries, Thousand Island will become a 'collector' of debris. Underwater and on the islands' beaches. Some of Thousand Island's area is Marine Protected Areas and National Park. There are some endangered species that are well protected against hunting, but yet there are other challenge from unfriendly debris.

The Action: We will dive into two kind of actions:

  1. 1. Collecting underwater debris
  2. 2. Monitoring the spreading of Crown of Thornes and cleanup if necessary

Trip Details:

We will go from Jakarta's Marina Jaya Ancol to Pulau Pramuka. There we will stay overnight and do 5 dives over the weekend. We will stay at a decent accommodation and have some fun while also having some serious dive. Yeah, it's our motto: Serious Dives, Serious Fun!

The trip costs will be shared among all participants. Families are welcome to join.

For more info please send e-mail to

See you in March 2012!

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