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Dive against Debris

Lysekil, Sweden

58.269432, 11.434611

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The idea has been around for a long time. We have tried to inform, demonstrate and explain to our surroundings of the problems that exist in the invisible.   We train our divers to be concerned about the marine life and always remember that our future lies in the sea.   Our center is located in a seaside town. In the spring you can see all the happy people that come to life after the winters rest. They are in love with the city, the sun, life and each other. A wonderful sight. As the summer approaches we see the population increase by 1000%. From being a cozy fishing village with 15 000 inhabitants to a party town during the summer with more then 150 000 visitors each day.   What these tourists do not think about, is that during their best time of the year, their vaccation, causes a living hell under the surface.   Every autumn we have gathered all our divers to clean up after them. But we have done it in the dark.   Media has covered what we have brought up from the bottom and usually have had it published. We thank you for that.     But now we want to do more.   We now want to show the world HOW it looks beneath the surface. How everything that is trown in the sea creates a morbid underwater world. How it all do NOT disappear but merely settles like a fog of debris.   We will collect the best professional photographers to take pictures and document how it looks. We will let marine biologists take samples and analyze how this trend goes.   We will force the authorities to take action.      Let us begin.


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