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Dive Against Debris for Earth Day with Total Diving - Montreal Scuba

Kahnawake, Canada

45.401249, -73.682696

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We like to jump on every occasion to "do something" for the planet and our oceans! Every reason is a good reason to dive in! So... Earth Day is just another day in the year where we'll dive in and "do something". In this case, we'll continue the tradition started by Project AWARE of Diving on Earth Day to collect debris.

We're making Dive on Earth Day in Montreal a Dive Against Debris event... The more we collect trash, the better!

Simply join our Montreal Scuba Diving Meetup group to join us for this year's event at the Kahnawake Quarry near Montreal, Quebec, Canada - on the Saturday of the Earth Day weekend: April 21st.

More info on our Montreal Scuba Diving News blog:

Note: On Sunday April 22 which is the official date for Earth Day, we'll have a special AWARE Shark Conservation course at the Total Diving - Montreal Scuba Diving dive shop.


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