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Dive Against Debris Lansallos

Cornwall, United Kingdom

-5.747174, -3.164063

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Dive against debris on the picturesque lansallos beach, near Looe. Followed by beach BBQ and camping on a idyllic National Trust camp site. Lansallos is a potentially brilliant shore dive site. On the left hand side there's a very preety reef, lots of wildlife and some interesting topography. On the right hand side tho due to currents and tide it's full of plastic debris. The plan is to have a couple of dives and collect this underwater debris. Normally access is an issue for diving, with a 3/4 mile hike across countryside. However the National Trust has access through the fields and can offer transport to site. So this is an unuiqe opportunity to dive a new interesting dive site. The event will be run as part of the Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris campaign and is open to more than just divers. Volunteers to help on the shore with cataloguing, BBQ and orginsing are very welcome also.  The Wildlife Trust's Cat Wilding, coordinator of Cornwall's Sea Search group is also participating ( And a local productions company ( ) has kindly offered to come and record the event, and produce a short film to help with future publicity. Divers are in a unique position to make a real difference to the global problem of underwater debris. This rubish which makes its way into our seas has a deva staying effect on wildlife, as such your help is desperately needed to help protect our seas. So please sign up, try a new dive site, have beach BBQ, camp, get some publicity for your club and make a real difference. This is a free event, just bring some food to throw on the BBQ and your own refreshments. Cheers, Rob Thompson

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