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Dive Against Debris - Pier Clean Up

Xcalak, Mexico

18.274183, -87.832389

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XTC Dive Center Annual International Beach Clean Up


XTC Dive Center in conjunction with the local school kids, CONANP (Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas), and visiting XTC guests, will be holding a Beach Clean Up on Wednesday September the 12th at 9am at our local pier.  XTC Dive Center in support of the International Beach Clean Up Day (Sept 15 & 16), decided to hold it´s own special event.

Currently the secondary school kids are studying the environment in class and and the teachers are very pleased to get them involved with a hands on project to show them what direct impact they are having in their local environment.

CONANP is always a willing participant when it come to improving the environtment within the Xcalak Marine Park.  They will be joining us in the diving, snorkeling and recycling portions of this event.

Everyone is invited to particiapate!  Snorkeling gear will be available to borrow for the shallow areas around the pier and diving gear (with proof of certification) will also be lent out to anyone who is interested in helping make a difference.

Post event, the collected garbage will be sorted, a Dive Against Debris Report will be sent in to Project AWARE, and what can be recycled local will be taken to CONANP for proper disposal.

We hope to see you there!

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The Staff of XTC Dive Center

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