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Dive against Marine Debris

Seferihisar, Turkey

38.18298, 26.772308

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Today was the end of season at the Neilson Club TEOS at Sigacik / Seferihisar,Turkey. At the co-located bay, embedded of the club is the Dive Center "Dive Shack" with the owner PADI (MI) Beer de Zoeten. Sigacik is a small fishing village 45 km from Izmir (Turkey's third largest city). A number of 15 divers did meet at the diving center to clean the Bay from Marine Debris. All divers have been very motivated to do this at the end of the Tourist season at the Holiday resort. PADI Project Aware was the motivation to contribute in an active way. Some of us thought, that the bay is for sure absolutely clean, but to our surprise we collected still all kinds of plastic material, beer cans and bottles, car tires, metal tubes, broken dishes, plastic bags hooked between rocks, stuff from people they accidently lost or maybe they got simply rid of trash. Everybody was proud to have contributed to this get together for a Dive against Debris. At the end we did a BBQ and could "call it a graet day". (Rigo / PADI MI)

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