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Divers for the protection of bull sharks


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Decemeber last year working together with PADI I created a new Distinctive Specialty Course the PADI Bull Shark Diver Course.


This course intended to educate divers about these amazing animals meanwhile supporting the conservation efforts done to save them from extensive and unresponsible fishing in the Playa del Carmen area of Mexico.


From the course any advanced open water diver can learn about the characteristics, habitat and behavior of these sharks meanwhile applying for a Project AWARE certification card the diver can easily and effectively support shark conservation.


Any diver (with at least advanced open water certification) is welcome to take the course with us at Dressel Divers Paraiso which consist of a check dive before the actual shark dive (non baited!!!) and a theory session closed by a knowledge review.


For further details anyone can contact the dive center


Barna the instructor:


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