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Donation for Project AWARE

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Donation for Project AWARE required!

As you probably know, in a few days the Mola Mola Diver Specialty Course Presentations will start. Part of this presentation is to get your attention to Project AWARE and also how to protect the Mola Mola in Bali. 

For each student who participates I will take some money and donate to Project AWARE. I will also encurage more to open their wallet for something good. 

Furthermore, I am trying to condut this presentation along with the donation collection probaby every month until (including) October....after that we'll see if people are still interessted in this, even though the Mola Mola Season is over.

Additonally I will start to donate 10 Euro from my personal money for every Divemaster or IDC Candidate coming through my personal websites. and

Please note that these sites are in German only at this point. They are undergoing an update process and will be ready fully shortly.

Help the oceans and become a PADI DIvemaster or PADI Instructor now with me!

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