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Finathon 2014

Taunton, United Kingdom

51.015344, -3.106849

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Finathon 2014

Last year saw a successful Finathon raising £268.50 for Shark conservation, this year we want to beat that and raise £300.00. 

On the 2nd September at 19.00 at Taunton School Pool we shall be swimming in fancy dress, yes that's right! Pick your fav shark species and swim to raise funds for their protection. 

We have the pool for an hour, set your own goal as an individual or as part of a team and get your sponsor form from Michelle at the dive center. 

Sharks help to maintain the health of marine ecosystems.  They prey on old, sick animals. They keep prey numbers down and help our oceans have a rich diversity of life. 

They eat a variety of fish, seals, turtles etc and stop any one becoming too common and overwhelming the others

On reefs with sharks there are more fish, more species of fish and more of other life too.

But surely the most important reasons are that without them our planet would be a less magical place to live and our lives poorer for knowing we were responsible for causing such magnificent animals to become extinct.

A third of all shark and ray species are threatened with extinction!   •90% of Hammerheads have gone since 1986   •Porbeagles and spiny dogfish have also declined by 90%.  Many others have declined by      almost as much.   •Between 7% and 8%  of sharks in the sea are caught each year   •Estimates suggest the around 100 million sharks are caught each year  

Sharks just don’t breed fast enough to replace this sort of number.  They will disappear...and it will be soon.

So join us in the fight to protect them on the 2nd September at 19.00 at Taunton school pool. Pop into the dive center and have a chat with Michelle and collect your sponsor form or set up your own fundraising page at

Donations for Scubascene can be made at

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